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17 reasons

1. because breath forces it’s way out

2. because though it’s only an illusion of science, the sky appears blue

3. because absence of despair can pass as contentment, and doesn’t contentment basically mean you are happy?

4. because to have love everyday, around me like bubble wrap, makes me a good kind of jaded

5. because the air I exhale already belings to someone else, as it did before me

6. because my energy, the neutrons, protons, ions, and neurons of my being will simply transmogrify into outer space–like a burst of heat, or a little outer-space heater

7. because of coffee

8. because of chocolate on those days

9. because I have friend sthat have known so many incarnations–it provides a continuum

10. because “continuum” has two “u”s

11. because hair grows back

12. because every seven years our cells have regenerated so at any one moment several parts of us are entirely new

13. because doctors now know that love is good for us, red wine, chocolate, coffee and sex are good for us

14. because we already know what doctors are just figuring out

15. because a cacophony of car horns kind of sounds like jazz fusion if you squint

16. because we have so much choice we forget they have Mexican food every night in Mexico and Chinese food every night in China

17. because the miracle of a baby doesn’t end just because they’ve grown up


 – August 4, 2006

©2006 Jamie Gross | All Rights Reserved