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as we slept it happened

a little love leaked away
leached by the pressures
of the week, your absolute
assurance that i no longer
love you or want what
you want, my solid
decree that I can’t
give in to the depths
of your stoic loss, the
love leeched out
and into the walls,
slowly seeped up,
like heat rising
up to the rafters,
into the attic, easing
out those cracks
we never did mend,
until we were left
there only to awaken
later wondering when
we fell out of love.

as we slept it happened
that over time,
as weeks became
years the love
slowly accumulated
between us like
a gilded gift
pooling between us
not a gulf but a lake
where we stood
side-by-side humbly
holding hands in that
way where you
almost forget there’s
another person who
is not you that you
are touching,
your hand becoming
an extension of
their hand, their
arm, their very


– Alameda | April 5, 2003

©2006 Jamie Gross | All Rights Reserved