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that we exist just IS
no knowledge predates
us, just a collection of
old dusty books–
some tablets that were broken

I don’t believe a
woman was made
from the rib of
a man

I don’t believe a
man’s wife turned
to salt for looking back 

I do not believe that
stones written,
fables of a faltering
world, is a users
guide for today

did man grow on a tree?
maybe eve ate an
apple and fell asleep
for thousands of years–
has she awoken?

maybe man died out in
the flood, animals
would certainly be better off

I want seven wives
that’s how it was
in the bible

I will not covet my
neighbor’s ass, nor
wife, if I may
have seven of my own

I will forego the slaves
because slavery makes
me squeamish and makes
people bitter 

I will not build pyramids–
not for someone else anyway
I do not agree with
killing the first born

–even if it was
the most effective–

though I have no
answers on how,
exactly, to fight
senseless violence
with nonviolence

(rhetorical question:
can you “fight”
with nonviolence?) 

so don’t mess with me
because i would kill
in self defense

would I eat an
apple off the tree
of life? maybe

but I wouldn’t
necessarily share it
with adam if
he’s gonna be a
jerk about it

snakes are not
inherently evil. 

why a pillar of salt? 

so what if the
villagers were having
a little fun?
you have seven wives!

who makes the
rules around here?

God is just a 3-letter word
but in this country
it’s treated as 4

 – July 24, 2006

©2006 Jamie Gross | All Rights Reserved