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manifesto of moments

my dog is deaf
but he loves me

I give the baby a bath
and she pees in it

i sit down to dinner
at a table of chaos
the child is screaming, crying, laughing
–routine is calming to children

routine bores me to tears
t keeps me sane with expectation

i love getting packages
but hate spending money

 i love smoking cigars
but i do not want to be a fat old man 

i feel old for my age
i have no gray hairs yet

i am not very hairy
yet i shave parts of my body

if i don’t brush my teeth
it feels as if they grow hair

i love cats and dogs
why must they rain on each other’s parade?

snoring is like
a belch of sleep

the traffic calms me
as i have nowhere i have to go

a light on in a dark room
makes me feel like a little kid

my kid makes me
less lonely

you can’t convince
a computer to do anything

my glass is half empty–
i just drank half

 – August 4, 2006