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meeting notes I

trend reporting
numbers over time
penetration report
to all the leadership team 

added to monthly distribution
the number of relationships 
37% segment
balances and revenue
wealth tier level 

export it to excel.
people that way,
in a trending format 

distribution of relationships
only one line
balance grows

highlight some interesting findings
not surprisingly
helps illustrate
different margin

opportunities to consolidate
a scorecard measure
a more detailed
rarely what is actually changed 

make some changes
a more detailed roadmap 

enhancements to
allow users

infrastructure to support
metrics will start changing
adhoc information
you do have to request access 

we do have a request process


a pleasure to work with
a highly visible and complex project
prepare them for these changes
always available to accommodate
these changes

nude fleshy moments
of human frailty
of moments none.
in themselves.

added to universal matter
the number of relationships
the ocean and body water percentages
equivalents not of accident
of human frailty 

people walk this earth,
armored and wielding gold
people get lost all over.

relationships all the same
in any country or tribe
“hear me,” “see me”
they scream.

about love
I have this to say…
that people the world over
wish to be one,
can’t be one, yet universally

people are misunderstood
of desperate temperatures
lashing out at the universe
their wife or their mothers

the sound love makes
also the sounds of hate
in your own flesh, your
kitchen, your bedroom

enhancements to allow
love in 

our soft bones breaking
our heads all but
the naked computer which
runs our souls unprotected

a process of vulnerability
and defense of
armor and gold

fists and fistulas–
highly regulated
rhythm arrhythmia,
war beats,

 – July 18, 2006

©2006 Jamie Gross | All Rights Reserved