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meeting notes II

sequence of steps
we make assumptions
efficient frontiers 

different mixes
yield different returns
after we have a frontier
kind of arbitrary

at least one will be appropriate
tactical, as in military strategy 

10-15 years out
a steady state, long-term view

 suffice to say
cash is the safest asset class
developing countries
the alternatives 

what returns has
been demanded
sophisticated forecasting
risk associated 

a scheme as to
how much risk
vs. how much return
arbitraged away 

a pattern to them 

the space of assets is expanding
you can track currencies
risk control is key
bonds have a yield 

all of this is theory
developed by
nobel prize winning folk
no emotion attached 

this is what i consider
the heart
this will make sense to them
support their goals
no favoritism 

the perfect scenario
long-term goal
risk tolerance
organizing thoughts 

in reality it’s not that different
complete relationship
this is efficient 

and that concludes my presentation

my bare feet on cold earth
i know i’m alive if
i can feel this, but
ask, what is it to feel?

heavy hands to say goodbye
the last kiss the last time
but we didn’t know it was over
the borders of what is/was 

lover or ex-lover
what is/was, was/is past 

who even remembers love
a school-girl crush, really 

knowing and feeling mutable
i keep love under my mattress
between us like truth
never change so we’ll always know

always left us
to stay, but unruly, they defy
is necessary to open your heart
is equated with truly loving

minimize risk yet love fully
on your kisses, your compliments
your lonliness costs you
your exes aligned in a row

hopes with death knells–
unbeknownst during final kisses
if you count your heart
by each beat or breath
you can risk love or hold love, not both
safety, but growth is costly

love, loss, and leverage
loveless economists of the heart
who love their books more than people
that’s why it lasts

an immutable law of nature:
costs everything
these monsters of numbers
with bloodless lust for science
no bodies are good bodies 

involves computers, books, TV
includes self, control, and low
a sealed world full of numbers
dispassionately yet accurately

from a ragged prostitute
to each greedy moment of need
the priority to touch earth
love is a luxury for those
who have it to lose

 – August 1, 2006

©2006 Jamie Gross | All Rights Reserved