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meeting notes III

quick response times
spirit of devotion
competitive environment
a team was formed 

successfully rolled out
define and implement
brought to this initiative
very instrumental 

equally aggressive deadline
a project team was formed
that others got

words of wisdom
given no notice
a few observations
connect to strategic things 

the “what’s next” part of it
great recognition
from the field
finalizing and crafting 

how do we embed it?
so well received
a massive impact
how smoothly it goes 

when it happens 

being an integral part
a very consuming effort
all these different places,
this level of connection 

a broad array
which is very strong
connection with
how we have impact 

machine that is
from our view
ratcheted up dramatically
prioritizing, keep our efforts focused 

filter down
a priority list
stacked in there,
downstream pieces 

hits from all sides
appropriately so
in the field
cascading from 

to the real conversations
in the world
out talking to people
got some stumbling
refinements to make 

a beautiful thing to see
some ideas about things
more level of engagement
high hopes and expectations 

see things take shape
the good news is
happens behind the scenes
how well we’re doing 

little snippets of things
for the marketplace
build more strength there
execution to do 

get very tactical
how is that going to work
a lot of breakouts
roles and responsibilitie 

it takes everything
high-level thinking
very real,
very tangible 

how to tie the messages
the umbrella
how does it all hang together?
we are the fulcrum

a little off
they weren’t quite right 

the magic comes together
they don’t have to reconcile
the extra bit of packaging
and polish 

more formulation of thought
it’s all about the experience
how does that fit
a trickier strategy 

much more political
much more art form
you don’t get that disparity
next on my list 

just form a few thoughts
a big body of work
an impactful body of work
what else am i missing 

so much to do
my most sincere thanks 

who has questions?

speaking to me
with lips chapped
and blue blooded
from the cold

a horrible connection
aphrodesiac amnesia
a clandestine heart
ripped, still pumping 

i once had a thought
iridescent love spoke
through me
nothing could go wrong

i was wrong of course
liquid assets like blood, spit
saliva is free but we share it
pain like the incision 

an insulin of heart
you sugar me
beets to my dirt
orange but bitter

i can only hold so much
my little hands
around you
a withering poem, an ode


whiskey-like mouth slurring
like key lime kisses
cigar halos
you know me

a sequence of comforts
of silence sometimes
of sitting in separate
squares of collision 

this, is love
horrible, horrid aloneness
yet with someone
not so horrid, afterall 

i wanted kisses
passion berries with fangs
thorns, that stain clothes
yes, i’ve coagulated

a painful realization
nothingness awaits
yet these are our days
full with empty

i’d never ask for more
you ask who i’m talking to
God i tell you
you ask if i’m praying
if talking to God is praying,
then yes
i’m ruining everything
words tore down my hopes
i’m tearing like paper
what are those noises?

water turns on and off
the ghosts of somebody
snores and shiftless sleep
all around me reminders

i keep you hidden
my heart chamber
clamors for your kisses
i tell nobody

why don’t you kill me
who was i before you?
not even i know
am i sad to be this?

change holds me tight
i’m dizzy it’s sickening
the speed escalates
tomorrow is here, now gone

as i write this
no more quiet
the night my only friend
i only know myself
as stillness
when everyone sleeps
i begin to creep out

im leaving this body
there’s none i need more 
i don’t want to die
i’m just saying, life is so full

where do you go?
unfinished and unfinishing
diminishing life
like a lottery to behold

i hold you
only you understand
me mute and clumsy
punching my way out of a paper bag

who are all these voices
what warm creatures
i feed and bathe
lives that depend on me

best friends i never see
yet i know what shes thinking

i have become her too

 – October 10, 2006