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a mystical nimbus

envelopes me
tiny puppies and bubbles
billow, cloudlike, into
the ether 

so this is love

kitties and kites
and hearts pulsating
in our pupils:
you are a being
next to me in bed

a little baby is
splayed out,
overdosed on tittie,
toddler smack

little harmonious sounds
of crunching, of crumbs
being created in the bed
–no, not kicking you out

the bed is like
a life raft–
snacks, books, radio,

we live here in each
others’ halos why
would anyone work or
ever do laundry?

this mystical nimbus,
with gelatinous
tentacles of flagrantly
fraternizing octopi:

soda and pop rocks,
ro sham bo in life’s lotto
–we find ourselves
here at the altars
of the other

why does anyone ever
answer the phone?

we are two cashew
shaped beans–
continents that fit–
pieces melded to
spaces, spaces
not empty but
keeping it warm
for your return

– July 27, 2006 | alameda


©2006 Jamie Gross | All Rights Reserved